Pitch Remover – Biobasics

Use Biobasics for effective pitch removal

Enzyme based, dissolves pitch fast and effectively

Biobasics 9000 works great in a dunk tank for saws and planer knives or on light pitch you can brush on, let sit for a few minutes and wipe of with a cloth. 

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How to choose the right pitch remover How To Choose

Aluminum Compatible version: Bio C-9                                           

Debarker Roll

Debarker Roll


Biobasics AF Is a non foaming version of Biobasics 9000. Use in auto parts washing machines or where foam is not desirable.

This is a debarker roll that has been cleaned with Biobasics 




Pitch Wall

Before Biobasics

Biobasics 9010 versions are the best choice for pitch removal for sprayed on applications where you intend to let it sit for awhile. Or heated applications that would promote evaporation. i.e. Vertical walls in dryers and kilns. Heated washing units.

Clean wall

Dryer after washing with Biobasics

Biobasics 9010 HF is high foaming, slow to evaporate, long lasting and works well on pitch in vertical applications.

pitch Clean Dryer






















Biobasics 9010 AF is non foaming, slow to evaporate useful in hot or dry climates or conditions. Where foam is not desirable. Very effective in heated washing systems.

Biobasics Cleans Pitch

Saw In BiobasicsBiobasics