Automated Pitch Prevention System

Well our Automated Pitch Prevention System is currently in use in 6 full sized sawmills in western Canada. Pitch buildup in specific areas of mill equipment can affect production efficiency, recovery potential and overall profitability. Recovery Right now BC stumpageContinue Reading

Another Update To Our Packaging

We are always looking at ways to improve our products and services. Our latest improvement, rather than recycling used pallets of varying quality, is to use new ones that are of consistent quality and durability. Insuring that your product arrives safe & secure.Continue Reading

Red Deer Oil Show 2015 Sept 17-19th

We’ll be at the 2015 Red Deer Oil & Gas Show. Sept 17-19th Stop by our Booth 4104 in the Stockman’s Pavillion and we will demo you the extreme capabilities of our CVS Wireline Grease.    

New & Improved UV Ink

Our UV Ink is now Freeze Thaw Stable. If it happens to freeze, that’s ok. Just let it unthaw and warm up to room temperature. Any solids that may have dropped out of solution, from freezing, will re-dissolve back into solution. SomethingContinue Reading

We’ve Got New Totes!

Well we decided it was time to up date our aging steel tote container fleet with something a little more new and a little more attractive.  Key Improved Features Are: sight glass better filtered air displacement lower centre of gravityContinue Reading

Chemmex 8990 Automated Pitch Removal System

It’s Here! Chemmex 8990 Automated Pitch Removal System Efficient, Affordable, Automated Pitch Removal For Your Mill.  What Will The Chemmex 8990 System Do For You? The Chemmex 8990 System Is Designed To Reduce The Costs Associated With Production Slowdowns FromContinue Reading

Fire Proof Synthetic Saw Sharpening Fluid

Over the Last few months we have worked closely with a sawmill to have a Non Flammable, Explosion Proof and Corrosion Preventing saw sharpening fluid. After a few trials we developed a very effective solution. See the PDF and Video belowContinue Reading