Superhawk – Automated Pitch Prevention

Automated Pitch Prevention System

Designed to keep your mill running efficiently and economically.

Use our Automated Pitch Prevention System to keep pitch from building up in key areas of your production line.

Main concerns Superhawk prevents

  • keep cant aligned by keeping rolls free of pitch

  • hold the cant in place by making sure the knurls are gripping the cant

  • reduce friction, heat and slippage by keeping guide key and plate free of pitch

Example in a Canter: The pitch build up on rolls and guides is so much that applying a couple times a day is not enough to stay ahead of the build up.

That is where our Automatic Pitch Prevention System comes in to play on equipment that is not accessible while in operation. The automated system provides effective pitch removal in hard to reach or dangerous areas, and it is conveniently hands free.

Prevent your rolls looking like this.

Prevent This

Prevent This





You will find Superhawk efficient and economical. 

Superhawk 8990


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How to choose the right pitch remover for your needs  Which one? 

For Pitch Removers ideal in a saw file shops, cleaning saws and planer knives or as parts wash you need Biobasics