CVS Wireline Grease

Constant Viscosity

CVS wireline grease is engineered to save you time in the field.

Temperature Stable CVS maintains a Constant Viscosity. Any viscosity changes are minimal and linear. As opposed to dramatic parabolic viscosity changes that are prevalent with conventional wireline greases.

Natural Adhesion CVS has natural adhesion allowing it to stay with the wire and injection head tube under pressure.

Not stringy CVS Is not stringy and tacky. It is smooth, stable & strong.

Learn about Constant Viscosity Synthetic here CVS

One simple way CVS can increase your productivity is by maintaining a stable viscosity over wide temperature changes. Daily adjusts to your pump settings, to accommodate the various temperature fluctuations, is now a thing of the past.

By using CVS with constant, stable, viscosity you can utilize the optimum clearance for the injector seals. This allows you to maintain seal easier and minimizes grease consumption and increases seal reliability.

Benefits of using CVS wireline grease:

  • Less pump adjustments

  • Use half the volume compared to conventional greases

  • Increase your productivity