EGL 1221

EGL 1221: Constant Viscosity Technology

Reduce Guide Lube Costs. Increase Efficiency 
EGL 1221 is our latest Guide Lube. Redesigned from the ground up. It offers extended protection and wear life for your saws & guides while reducing consumption and reducing costs. 

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EGL 1221 breaks away from the normal concept of guide lube engineering. We don't use Tackifiers, V.I. Improvers or Extreme Pressure additives blended with a base oil.

EGL 1221 has a linear and stable viscosity, that does not fluctuate from slight temperature changes. Allowing us to deliver you a product that is economical to use. Once you set your optimal application rate you don't need to adjust it week to week (or even day to day in the spring and fall). It just maintains its flow rate so you are always delivering the perfect amount.


What makes EGL 1221 stand out from the crowd and allows us to deliver on these boastful claims?

Constant Viscosity Technology allows us to deliver these results. Read the case study to see what we're talking about

Case Study

Its not any one thing that lets EGL 1221 perform the way it does. It's an accumulation of many small things working together to make EGL 1221 as impressive as it is.