Supersaul Chemmex Inc.

CVS Air System Lube

CVS Air System Lubricant

Lubricant CVS Air System Lube was developed with performance and user friendliness in mind.
#1 we made sure its safe for workers when it is released into the air from air systems.
#2 we ensured that CVS Air System Lube will prevent sluggish valves and cylinders.

CVS Air System Lubricant will provide you with the following:

With a pour point well below -50C CVS Air System Lube works just as well in the winter as it does in the summer. Whether it is inside or outside of your facility. You can expect our air system lubricant to keep your air lines and valves well lubricated.

If you have areas in your air system that give problems. Be it from water or cold weather, CVS Air System Lubricant will eliminate them.

CVS Air System Lubricant

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