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EGL 1221 Guide Lube

Guide Lube Specs

EGL 1221:

Constant Viscosity Synthetic Guide Lube
Dramatically reduces usage costs

EGL 1221: Constant Viscosity Synthetic Guide Lube

Reduce Guide Lube Costs. Increase Efficiency
EGL 1221 is our latest Guide Lube. 

Designed from the ground up. It offers extended protection and wear life for your saws & guides while reducing consumption and reducing costs.

EGL 1221 PDS

EGL 1221 Comparison

Saw Guide oil

EGL 1221 will provide you with the following:

EGL 1221 breaks away from the normal concept of guide lube engineering. We do not use Tackifiers, V.I. Improvers or Extreme Pressure additives blended with a base oil.

EGL 1221 has a linear and stable viscosity which does not fluctuate from temperature or extreme conditions. Exceptional forgiveness to saws during harsh conditions is something you will notice right away.  

EGL 1221 delivers outstanding performance you can trust. 

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