Supersaul Chemmex Inc.

CVS Hydraulic Fluid

Constant Viscosity Hydraulic Fluid

CVS Hydraulic Fluid is a high quality, viscosity stable lubricant.

Our hydraulic fluid will give you exceptional lubrication and optimal flowability in your hydraulic systems. Whether it is a hot summer day or -42C in the winter you can expect CVS Hydraulic Fluid to be unmatched in performance.

Ideal for hydraulic systems that are exposed to wide temperature fluctuations.



What to expect:

  • Cooler running machines in the summer.
  • Excellent pumpability in the winter.
  • Less wear on pumps and valves. 
  • Reduced chatter and stutter in hydraulics.
  • Smooth steering with articulating mobile equipment.
  • Similar mast response on forklifts in the summer or winter.

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