Automated Pitch Prevention System

Well our Automated Pitch Prevention System is currently in use in 6 full sized sawmills in western Canada.

Pitch buildup in specific areas of mill equipment can affect production efficiency, recovery potential and overall profitability.


Right now BC stumpage fees are at a premium. Extracting the maximum value out of each log is very important. whether it is disruptions in the sawmill or planer mill from pitch. Supersauls Automated Pitch Prevention System will eliminate that.


Something as simple as a spline remover shaft being jammed during a knife changed can hold up production for up to 20 minutes. That’s a lot of time with no production.

Another high impact area is cants not being fed through gang saws properly, from pitch build up. We can fix that for you!


A smooth production operation with maximized quality is more desirable than one with lots of stops low quality ouput


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